Hi i am glad you are on this page. I am Okoror Godlyfear, founder of FearGist.blogspot.com  (formerly fuptunes.blogspot.com) , i also manage a couple of other blogs.

My past:

I was born in Oleh in delta state in Nigeria, but i grew up in warri city, delta state. I come from an Average Nigerian Family. So i knew i had to work hard, i never expected to get a lot of things.
After high school i developed a liking for computers, i wanted to study Computer Engineering in the University but for some reasons i applied instead for Electrical/Electronics engineering.


i loved writing so much, and i also loved public speaking and inspiring people, so i started up writing books, it wasn't easy but interesting, i remember i would not sleep sometimes up until the next morning just so i could write.
At some point i wanted to create a website to showcase my books and to publish articles regularly. This was not successful because i did not evevn get to finish up the site, however i recognised another of my love- creating websites. i started to create websites on a regular even though i did not get to publish them, i just created them. After 2 years of just creating websites i came to learn so much about websites creation , softwares, online payment gateways and online marketing and SMO.
I also experimented with different make money ways and techniques for the past 3 years, but the mistake i always made was that i always had no patience and no capital of course, but especially patience, and so i always quitted on my ideas and schemes.


blogging......... i ve never really tried it until 2015, Like i said i had no patience and blogging has to do with patience, no patience, no suiccess. I  however decided to set up a blog, no, no,no .. not for the money this time. I wanted to create a blog so as to promote information, news and music in my school, with no i ntentions of making money at the initial stage, but you know after 2 weeks of the blog existence, i had hit 5000 pageviews on a single day due to my knwoledge of SMO's , then i knew i could rocket it up to 10,000 everyday and even 100,000 it's all a matter of time, yes time. that blog was fuptunes.blogspot.com but due to some issues i had to change the name to FearGist.blogspot.com.
I then setup another blog because i had the passion for tech stuffs and i had gathered an avalanche of knowledge from my 3 years experience of building sites and diving into different forms of online business.

My Present

presently, i manage a couple of blogs which are really doing well, we get thousands of visitors per day and we more than so much appreciate every one of you who support us bu visiting this blog everyday.
Love ya....

My Future

As you well know the future is unpredictable, hence i cannot say for certain what it will be, but i hope to grow a network of highly traffficked sites and build a company around them.
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