5 Nollywod Movies That Were A Waste Of Our Time


Nollywood is on the rise.  There’s no debating or denying the fact that the Nigerian sphere is notably more advanced than it has ever been. Nigerians are actually starting to go back to cinemas to watch homemade productions and while that is great and all, there are some Nollywood movies that make viewers regret that decision. It’s only March but here are five movies that made us wish we had used the ticket money to buy Shawarma and ice – cream.

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5. Mummy Dearest

While Willis Ikedum‘s latest film did feature stunning production, it suffered from a lacklustre plot. Liz Benson – Ameye and Daniel K. Daniel’s superb acting performances could not save Mummy Dearest from being an unapologetically boring watch. Maybe it is because a number of the supporting actors didn’t deliever or maybe its the fact that Nollywood has overflogged this particular story-line; whatever it is, it was not time well spent.

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4. June

Possibly the reason why June is such an incredulous let down is because of the big names that worked on the project. One would figure that a movie directed by Desmond Elliot and produced by Chinneylove Eze would not feature mediocre acting performances nor avoidable technical and continuity issues but sadly that was the case. If you are one of those people who is still on the fence about Nollywood movies, then this is definitely not the movie to see.

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3. The Blindspot

There are movies that waste your time and there are movies that are just a waste, The Blindspot, falls into the latter category with too much ease. How and why a seasoned actress like Rita Dominic agreed to be in this hot mess of a movie is a conversation for another day but if you haven’t seen this movie, count your blessings.

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2. Disguise

Desmond Elliot is becoming too good at directing Nollywood flops. Sadly, Disguise is another over the top, poorly thought out plot which doesn’t take advantage of its star-studded talent cast. There were a few laughs but all in all, nothing worth your time.

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1.  Accidental Spy

Where do we begin? The terrible execution? The lack of coherence and continuity generously distributed throughout the movie? The numerous holes in the plot? The unbelievably horrendous performances of the supporting cast? And that’s not all! They’ve wasted our time enough, lets not waste anymore of yours.

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